Sunday, April 16, 2006

WTR conf - 13

War tax resistance banner
WTR conf - 13
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I thought this was a cool pic. Found by searching the new technorati tag for war tax resistance, of course.

Oh, and I like this next one (found the same way), but it's not directly war tax resistance, so I'll let you visit it for yourself. (cover art and lyrics for the Anti-Flag song "For Blood and Empire, 2006)

Here's another cool pic:
Peaceful Resistance

(original source:

Then, too, I'm sure there are lots and lots of posts like this one or this one around the blogosphere...


Blogger DYY said...

hey, i'm suprised you found me... i was spammed today by a stupid on-line poker business and was deleting all their comments when i found that you added your link.

Good job!

10:30 PM  

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