Thursday, April 27, 2006

So, when I first arrived at, I didn't really know just how much information was contained throughout the site, since it is only once you begin exploring all the different links that you begin to get a sense of the true scope of the site, which is quite enormous. Of course, you can search it, provided you have a specific word or topic in mind that you are looking to find, but if you aren't sure what exactly you are looking for, what then? Well, I've been working to come up with some keywords for searches which will be useful. Obviously, searching any one (or combination) of the following words will yield far too many results to be very useful- as would a search for or even for the title of one of . So... now my project is to go through the fairly comprehensive list I have now made of site keywords and look for useful groupings of keywords which I will then make posts of. A big project, to be sure, but I think it should make for a good resource once I've completed it. I'll link to this post as an intro to the project when I start making the posts.


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