Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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SEO dreams and more

You know that type of dream when you are sort of 1/4 awake (you are vaguely aware that you are in bed and dreaming, but certainly not what one would call a lucid dream. Sort of like what Richard Bach refers to in some of his books, perhaps, when he describes where he gets his ideas. BTW, I miss the way he used to write, especially with Leslie. Lately, I have not been very impressed with his books. Running From Safety was okay, I suppose, but... One. now there is a good book. Anyway, dreams...
So I've had a couple lately that have had to do with SEO, blogging, etc. Not terribly surprising, I suppose, since it has been on my mind in the last week or so.
Anyway, on to the dreams- Today, I dreamt I got a comment which said something like- hey, slow down and flesh out your posts, otherwise you are just spamming. Also, don't abuse tags. I think it was from the technorati tag dream police. Probably due at least in part to my fondness for Remember that Cheap Trick song Dream Police? And then the one I had a day or two ago was pretty cool. Apparently there was some sort of SEO program which would run on the background of a blog (like a screen saver image + stats) It was basically a black screen for the most part to begin with (since I had very few site hits at the time) towards the bottom of the screen were two counters- one was hits, I think, and one was linking sites. I think there was some way that it also measured and announced (wrote on the page) what level your blog was at. Not PR, but more like an Amway salespersons levels or something. So anyway, the hits/links were tracked somehow in branching treelike fractal patterns as they came in. (the colors shifted as well- overall black background with lines of varying colors of off whites, yellows and reds branching up and out from the bottom of the screen. It reminded me of some of the images I've seen of the Mandelbrot set and other more treelike fractal patterns. Oh, yeah, in the dream, my hits and links took a realtime exponential growth hit. Within about 5 minutes I went from 7 to 100 K hits and had hundreds of links. If you develop a hits tracker like that, I'll get it. If you figure out how to get improved links/hits like that, I will genuflect in your presence. Might even make signing up for adsense worth my consideration... nah.

Was that a better post, technorati tag dream police? Glad you liked it, but I'll probably continue to make tag jokes. It's just my nature.


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