Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ILL- it never rains but it pours

So I went in to the local branch of our county library system today, since I knew that some of my interlibrary loan request had come in. Yep. 11 of them. I returned Good Omens after reading (and laughing out loud frequently) all the new bits. One less book to carry home. Take note- Terry Pratchett has gotten over his fondness for banana daiquiris, but Neil Gaiman is still 5 11'. Thought you'd like to know. But you really should read it for yourselves. Though I have to admit to being disappointed that they didn't get hold of and publish the transcript to the radio interview where the interviewer hadn't read the book and was under the mistaken impression that it was a work of nonfiction. I think that I may actually have heard that interview. The one which I did hear (and which introduced me to the boys) they were cracking up the whole time and I think I recall the infamous Betamax prediction. Read what Neil had to say about it in his journal here
Also good fun is this Locus interview with the two of them from 1991. And oh yeah- they said in the book that they haven't totally ruled out the eventual writing of "668- The Neighbor of the Beast"
So the other books which were waiting are:
4 Donald Westlake novels: Money for Nothing, 361, Bad News, and Watch Your Back!
Checked them out hoping to agree with Robert Jordan that Terry Pratchett is not in fact currently the funniest writer in the English language. I have out the Mercenaries currently which was, I think, his first novel. Not terribly funny so far, but hopefully his more recent offerings are better.
3 Robert J. Sawyer novels: The Terminal Experiment, Illegal Alien, and Calculating God (for a friend)
Sandman: Season of Mists (rereading the series; pretty much in order this time, unlike last time)
Plowing the Dark by Richard Powers
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (I always wait until the clamor has died down before checking these out; I usually have plenty of other things to read without needing to jump for these as soon as they come out)

Anyway, looks lie I'll be a busy reader for a few days, at least.


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