Monday, April 17, 2006

Call me a sellout...

or a linkw**** or whatever, but I was just intrigued enough by this to be willing to try it. Not that I'm planning on making any adsense or other money off it or anything, but just as a SEO tool, link builder sort of experiment. Anyway, it's called Pyramid linking (yes, if you sign up I get extra links) if you want to check it out. They promise you a 2 for one backlink from other sites of equal or greater PR to your site. It looks pretty obvious to me that the main idea is to sell unreciprocated linkage to people, and of course you don't get a cut of them apples. Of course if you have your own ay to make money off of a higher PR, you might like the concept. But I'm not blogging for money, so.. just want to see how this goes. Anyway, here are my outgoing links:

Affiliate Marketing

Article Submission

Affilliate Name Search Engine - SEO

Adsense Insights on Zero Budget

SEO - Adsense - Keywords


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