Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15th (time not to pay for war)

So yeah, you have a couple more days before the actual deadline for paying (or not) this year. Anyway, I thought it was a good day to post this, what with the probable upcoming strike against Iran and all...

A lot of us resist paying or don't pay federal income tax to the U.S. federal government (either legally or illegally- by I.R.S. definitions).

There are even a few blogs out there on the topic.

My personal favorite is The Picket Line. Dave says things far more often and better than I could do, so rather than attempting to put forward my own experiences with it, I'll send you over to him.

Also, check out War Tax Resistance
and there are a few relevant posts over at SFFM Peace & Social Concerns >> Taxes & War
and some posts and a category over at Voices in the Wilderness

no doubt there are others blogging away on the topic as I write this, but those are a few that I know of. I'm hoping to get a Sub-Industry category set up for these blogs over at blogshares.

Perhaps if other bloggers start using this tag on their posts-

(if you don't know how to make a tag, just go to Technorati Tags type in something which hasn't been used previously- sornjnuc or whatever and you'll get a code for a tag for sornjnuc. Then you can replace the sornjnuc following ...tag/ with war+tax+resistance and replace the sornjnuc that follows the ..."tag"> with war tax resistance. Not too difficult, even if you don't know much coding.)


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